Utilizing IBL Effect

The IBL (Image Based Lighting) feature simply uses image map to simulate the ambient light source which gives higher realism but save lighting computing efforts, and also increases the flexibility to create base ambience.

Apply one of the templates from the atmosphere library to see the optimized result of IBL effect.




The Concept of IBL

The image applied for the IBL is mapped onto an invisible sphere and projected from the sphere's surface towards the center of the sphere.

The benefits of IBL are:

Generating Image Based Lighting

  1. Turn off all the lights (directional, spotlight and point light) and darken the Ambient Color.

  2. Go to the Stage/Atmosphere/Image Based Lighting section and activate the IBL on option.

  3. Load a designed image or desired video to generate the light. In the illustrations, the gradient orange color starts from the top of the image, which implies the direction of the light.

Editing the Image for IBL

The illustration below is a scene in which all the lights are out.

  1. Click the Launch button to invoke the external image editor.

  2. Modify the image. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to set the image black first.

  3. Save the image and switch back to iClone.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you are satisfied with the result.



    • Blur the source image to eliminate sharp edges for best results.

    • Since IBL does not cause any shadows. Please use directional light or spotlight to create shadows.

    • You may set Transform keys for the IBL sphere to adjust the location, angle and size of the light source.

Color Adjustment

By modifying the color settings of the IBL image, you may quickly change the tone of the scene.

  1. Apply an IBL image. (you may use custom image or apply from the template library)

  2. Adjust the parameters in the Adjust Color and Color Balance sections.

Softness of IBL

The image applied for IBL may be too sharp, especially when you are using an HDR image, which can cause the IBL look like it is projecting textures onto objects. IClone provides a softness feature to help you blur the image to generate a proper IBL effect.


No Other Lighting Source

IBL image (HDR image) applied

Softness = 0

Soften the map a little to make it more natural

Softness = 80

IBL and Sky

If you apply one image to the IBL and SKY at the same time, the IBL can imitate the correct lighting variant from the sky, which means that the lighting will be consistent with the environment.

Dynamic IBL Effects

The IBL effect can be transformed for setting keys in different time to generate various atmospheres of your scene.

  1. Apply an IBL image.

  2. Go to the Adjust section and modify the transform settings.

  3. Turn the spherical IBL upside down to instantly generate a totally different feeling.

    If you set IBL keys in different time, even a still image can generate dynamic ambient effect.

    IBL with still image

    Transformation for IBL Effect: Rotate Z.

    IBL with video

    No transformation for IBL Effect.