Clipping Planes of the Camera

If your actor moves in a building, you may want to ignore the walls or furniture between the actor and the camera, you may use the Clipping Planes feature. By defining the range consists of Near and Far parameters, you may see the actors behind the wall or relieve the load of your system. This feature can not be set as a key in the Timeline.

Rule of Clipping-planes

The Clipping-Planes provide two parameters, Near and Far, to define the render-able range of a camera.

Setting the Near Value

If your actor is indoor, the wall of the room will always hinder the view. You may use the Clipping Planes - Near to filter out the objects within this distance.

  1. Go to Stage/Camera/Modify page.

  2. In the Camera section, click the up arrow of the Near.

Near = 0

Near = 40


  • If you encounter Z-fighting situation (Two extremely close faces cause the flicking result), increase the Near value by 1 or 2 may solve this problem.

  • Clipping Planes affects only the rendering result instead of actually cutting any entity in the project.

Setting the Far Value

If your Terrain is so wide that it is beyond the camera's rendering range, you may adjust this value to solve this issue.

  1. Go to Scene/Camera/Modify page.

  2. In the Camera section, click the up arrow of the Far.

Far = 9999

Far = 12000


  • The Sky will always be shown without considering the value of the Clipping Planes - Far.

  • It is highly recommended to decrease this value if your scene is not so wide since increasing the Far value can also increase the load of the system.