Elaborate character design tools with a workflow that capitalizes on speed and quality combined with animation-ready rigging to immediately enliven character creations with motion, facial animation, and lip-sync. Generate unlimited character styles with high-detail visual quality via face and body morphs, PBR dynamic materials, and layers of fashion.

The New Character Standard - CC

What do you need when generating 3D characters? Shape, appearance, clothes, hair, and accessories just to name a few… and they can all be found in Character Creator (CC), the character builder add-on for iClone. Not only does it generate realistic-looking human characters, but also provides some exceptional stylization options. You can load CC content into iClone 7 directly, using formats such as ccCloth, ccShoes, ccAccessories, and more!   Know More >

NEWS - Character Creator 3 is here!
iClone 7 users will get a free copy of the "Character Creator 3 for iClone" edition. If you are looking for texture and polygon optimization functions, or built-in pipeline functions with GoZ and OBJ/FBX export capabilities, then you can choose the Character Creator 3 Pipeline Edition (paid version). See the Edition Comparison Table for more details.

Check out Character Creator 3 > Edition Comparison >


Character Creator 2

Generate fully-rigged characters for iClone.

Character Creator 3 for iClone

Generate fully-rigged characters for iClone.

Character Creator 3 Pipeline

Generate and export fully-rigged, texture & polygon optimized characters to any animation and game engines.

List Price N/A
*Free bonus of iClone 6, 7
*Free bonus of iClone 7
USD 199
Body & Facial-Rigged Character Base Mid-Poly Character Base (CC1 Base)
Mid-Poly Character Base with 4K Texture Options (CC3 Base)
Game-Friendly Character Base with Reduced Bone & Mesh
Supported File Format (Import) OBJ (Any)

*Only character mesh

FBX (Any)

*Only character mesh

FBX (Daz & Hivewire Character Proprietary, Morph, Assets)
iAvatar, iCloth, iShoes, iGloves, iHair, iAcc
iMotion, rlMotion
Supported File Format (Export) OBJ (Character Proprietary)

*3DXchange 6/7 Pipeline or PRO is required

*3DXchange 7 Pipeline or PRO is required

FBX (Character Proprietary)

*3DXchange 6/7 Pipeline is required

*3DXchange 7 Pipeline is required

iAvatar, iCloth, iShoes, iGloves, iHair, iAcc
Content Creation Function GoZ
Character Auto Rigging
Bone Adjustment
Clothes Auto Skinning
Cloth Skin Weight Editing
OBJ-to-Accessory Conversion
Cloth Auto Conforming
Cloth Partial Conforming Setting
Mesh Tools OpenSubdiv
Edit Normal
Weld Vertices
Edit Mesh - Vertex Selection
Edit Mesh - Poly Selection
Edit Mesh - Element Selection
Edit Mesh - Brush Push & Pull Selection
Auto Hide Mesh Tool (Content-level)
LOD Generation
*Powered by InstaLOD
Polygon Optimization
Material Merging
Environment & Character Settings Light Creation
Pose Editing
Pose Saving
Face Key Editing & Saving
Image Render Subdivision
Realtime Render
Iray Rendering

*Iray Plug-in is required

*Iray Plug-in is required

3D character creator - realistic human
3D character creator - female character
3D character creator - male character
3D character creator - stylized character 1
3D character creator - stylized character 2
3D character creator - stylized character 3

Custom Character Import

By utilizing 3DXchange’s built-in characterization panel and preset character profiles, you can easily import in any biped character from software like Daz, Maya, 3DS Max, Mixamo, and others via FBX format. Not only will the newly converted characters work flawlessly with thousands of iClone motion files, but you can also take advantage of iClone’s powerful motion tools such as body puppeteering, MixMoves, and motion capture, in addition to facial animation tools like automatic lip-sync and face puppeteering.

*Note: This feature requires 3DXchange 7 PRO above.

3D character creator for Maya, 3ds Max, Daz, Mixamo, Unity, Unreal, Cinema 4D and more. 3D character creator for Maya, 3ds Max, Daz, Mixamo, Unity, Unreal, Cinema 4D and more.