Paid Upgrade

iClone 6 vs. iClone 7

Major Features iClone 6 DX9 iClone 6 DX11 iClone 7 (DX11 Only)
Environment iClone 6 DX9 iClone 6 DX11 iClone 7 (DX11 Only)
Director-oriented layout: Actor, Prop, Scene, Animation, SFX. V V V
Drag-n-Drop Creation & In-screen Editing V V V
Content & Scene Manager V V V
Timeline Editing V V V
Content Manager - Search & Favorite Definition V V V
Dockable UI & Custom Layout V V V
Enhanced Timeline:  Multiple Object Editing, Dope Sheet, Zoom View V V V
Real-time Smooth V V
Tessellation from DirectX11 V V
Plug-in Structure & Expansion V V V
Ultra-realistic Render via Indigo Plug-in Partial (Not support Particle, Tree, & Billboard) V V
Visual iClone 6 DX9 iClone 6 DX11 iClone 7 (DX11 Only)
PBR (Physical-based Rendering)     V
Real-time Global Illumination     V
IBL Animation & Bake HDR Images     V
Shadow Enhanced: * Darken Shadow on Shadow Map Strength * Casting Shadow on Invisible Mesh Plane * Shadow Only Lights     V
Actor Creation iClone 6 DX9 iClone 6 DX11 iClone 7 (DX11 Only)
Custom 3D Head from Photo (for G5 characters or below) V V V
Custom Cloth Design with CloneCloth V V V
Character Morphing & Deformation V V V
Collision Shape Editing for Object Interaction V V V
Character Generation G6 Character* (bone+morph) G6 Character* (bone+morph)  CC Character  (morph-based) G6 Character* (bone+morph)  CC Character  (morph-based)
Animation iClone 6 DX9 iClone 6 DX11 iClone 7 (DX11 Only)
Pro Facial System for Face Puppet and Face Key Editor     V
Morph Animation Timeline Editing     V
HumanIK Motion Editing V V V
Audio Lip-sync V V V
Instant Motion Performance & Persona V V V
Facial Motion Puppet V V V
Body Motion Puppet V V V
Transition Curve & Time Warp V V V
Save & Reuse Motions using MotionPlus V V V
Bullet Engine - Rigid Body / Soft Body / Consraint V   V
PhysX Engine - Rigid Body / Soft Cloth / Constraint V V V
PhysX Engine - Object-Oriented Constraint V V V
PhysX Engine - SoftCloth Editing V V V
PhysX Engine - Collision Shape Editing for Character V V V
Stage & FX iClone 6 DX9 iClone 6 DX11 iClone 7 (DX11 Only)
Natural Environment System:
Terrian, Water, Tree, Grass, Sky, Atmoshphere
Partial V V
Interactive Prop with LUA Script V V V
Prop Puppet V V V
Ambient Occlusion, HDR & IBL V V V
Toon Shader (Cel Shader) V V V
Particle FX V V V
Post FX V V V
Post FX: LUT Color Grading     V
Infinite number of light   V V
Light Prop   V V
Sky Tool (Smart Day Time Control System)   V V
Substance Material (Dynamic Texture) Editing V V V
New SpeedTree: Wind, LOD & Content Variety Support Old SpeedTree V V
Camera iClone 6 DX9 iClone 6 DX11 iClone 7 (DX11 Only)
Real Camera System     V

Free Update

  • Version: v7.2.1220.1
    (for v7.0 above)
  • Release Date: 2017-12-21
  • File Size: 564 MB

Version History

v7.2 (7.2.1220.1​) released on Dec. 21st, 2017

v7.2 includes supporting the new-released PopcornFX Particle plug-in, visual enhancements in HDR and Glow effects, as well as some bugs fixed. For more detailed new features, please check out the iClone 7.2 Forum.

1) iClone (7.2.1220.1​) - patch for 7.0 above

New Particle Plug-in:

Content Update:

  • Some 3D Blocks have received updates letting them emit PopcornFX effects properly when designated as the mesh sampler.
  • The iParticle folder has moved to iClone Template / Particle / Legacy folder.
  • 4 new PopcornFX sample content demonstrate the custom resource capability of PopcornFX plugin, and the versatility of PopcornFX Library. Check out


  • Support for 4k display; Resolved problem with tiny text on 4k resolution.
  • New Visual > HDR > Advanced Bloom Settings allows one to adjust the halo effect caused by over-exposure from the fine near regions expanding to outward regions. Check out
  • New Project > Visual Settings > Glow Settings allows one to adjust the halo effect caused by glow from the fine near regions expanding to outward regions. Check out



  • Glow and HDR halos tend to blend together when viewed from a great distance.
  • Content with displacement map applied will keep wobbling inside rendered video and image sequences. Video


  • iClone crashes when playing certain projects. Feedback Tracker
  • Some characters with UV map animations will cause iClone to crash.
  • iClone 7.1 crashes when launched on certain computers equipped with AMD's RX Vega series graphics card.


  • Transform key erroneously included into the clip when peforming Save Motion Clip from the right mouse button context menu on the timeline motion clip.
  • Performing Save Motion Clip from the right mouse button context menu on the timeline motion clip takes an inordinate amount of time, even when Quick Thumbnail Generation is enabled under Preference.
  • Some projects experience the loss of Torso track keys when the dope sheet keys of the Motion Layer Track is moved. Feedback Tracker / Video


  • The original animation made with Motion Puppet is not retained when another recording is done on it using the Mask mode. Feedback Tracker
  • The sliders for Modify > Motion > Morph Animator becomes useless once the morphable prop is attached to a character.
  • The Edit Motion Layer panel refuses to open after performing the following steps: Feedback Tracker
    1) Open the Editor Motion Layer > FK mode.
    2) Close the panel.
    3) Apply a non-human character or prop to the scene, such as the horse in embeded contents.
  • Dynamic keys are ignored on objects set to Physics > Rigid Body > Frozen. Feedback Tracker


  • Dragging in an image or video file into iClone via right mouse drag creates a plane or billboard that exists in the viewport but does not exist in the timeline or Scene Manager. Feedback Tracker
  • All objects become invisible when any one of the objects on the terrain are selected in old 3D scenes such as Flood.iscene. Feedback Tracker
  • The default value for Preference > Real-time Render Options > Depth of Field > Correct Transparency is now set to ON.
  • Preference > Keep Thumbnail" changed to "Preference > Keep Original Thumbnail.

2) 3DXchange (7.1.1114.1) - patch for 7.0 above


  • Some FBX characters brought into 3DXchanged and converted to Non-standard characters do not animate with Characterization > Preview Calibration motions. Feedback Tracker
  • Some animated FBX characters brought into 3DXchange do not animate when a motion clip in Animation > Motion Library and Perform Editor is double-clicked. Feedback Tracker
  • Mixamo FBX characters can no longer convert to Non-Standard characters inside 3DXchange. The Auto-Convert feature and Active button are always inactive and Maya Human-IK_Mixamo01.3dxProfile is ineffective. Feedback Tracker

v7.1 (7.1.1116.1​) released on Nov. 16th, 2017

v7.1 is the largest annual update for iClone 7. The redesigned DOF (Depth of Field) gives significant improvements over camera realism, while the default Transition type has changed from linear to curve. Additionally, the Timeline systems have been greatly enhanced with highly expected features which are well integrated with the new Curve Editor Plug-in for synchronous operation. For more detailed new features, please check out the iClone 7.1 Forum, and Update Hightlight video.

v7.02 (7.02.0904.1) released on Sep. 18th, 2017

Compatible with the new-released iClone Curve Editor Plug-in to create the professional and classical animation, as well as enhancements and bugs fixed.

v7.01 (7.01.0714.1) released on July 18th, 2017

Increased in the accuracy of Depth of Field / Pick Target, shortened import and export times between iClone and 3DXchange, and some bugs fixed.

v7.0 (7.0.0619.1) released on June 20th, 2017 - GRAND LAUNCH

iClone 7 brings with it a breakthrough in Visual Enhancements and Professional Animation, such as Physically-based Rendering (PBR), Global Illumination (GI), Real Camera System, Lookup Table (LUT), Custom Shader Technologies, Pro Facial Animation, Morph Animation, and more enhancements and bugs fixed.

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