Download KINECT Mocap Plug-in Trial

  • Version:
    KINECT Mocap Plug-in – Xbox One: v1.0 (Release date: 10.27.2015 )

    KINECT Mocap Plug-in – Xbox 360: v1.2 (Release date: 01.17.2012 )

    KINECT Mocap Plug-in – Windows: v1.2 (Release date: 08.29.2012 )

  • Win 8 / Win 10 (64 bit)

  • Category: Trial Software (15 days)

  • Required Software: iClone 6.21 PRO or above

  • Required Hardware: Microsoft Kinect (Xbox One, Xbox 360 or Windows)

  • Trial Limitation: 15 Days / 15 Sec. Rec. Limit

Important Notices:

  1. If you have purchased the previous version of KINECT Mocap Plug-in after (4/20/2015), you are eligible to get this version for free. Click here for free upgrade. If you bought KINECT Mocap Plug-in before this date, you can buy the Kinect Mocap Plug-in (compatible with Xbox One) with special members pricing at our store.

  2. Three separate installers are included and each works with different mocap devices. It is important choose the correct installer that matches your Kinect mocap sensor, otherwise the plug-in will not work.
  • Mocap_Plug_in_Kinect_XboxOne_trial.exe
  • Mocap_Plug_in_Kinect_Xbox360_trial.exe
  • Mocap_Plug_in_Kinect_Win_trial.exe

Minimum System Requirements:

KINECT Mocap Plug-in – Xbox One:

  • 64-bit ( x64 ) processor - Physical dual-core 3.1 GHz ( 2 logical cores per physical ) or faster processor

  • USB 3.0 controller dedicated to the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor or the Kinect Adapter for Windows ( $49.99 ) for use with the Kinect for Xbox One ( $149.99 ) sensor

  • 4 GB of RAM

  • Graphics card that supports DirectX 11

  • Windows 8 or 8.1, Windows Embedded 8, or Windows 10 ( x64 )

  • iClone Pro v 6.21 and above

KINECT Mocap Plug-in – Xbox 360 & for Windows

Comparison Table:

Kinect SDK Beta2 Kinect SDK for Windows Kinect for Xbox One
Operating System Windows 7 Windows 7/8 Windows 8/10
Device Kinect for Xbox Kinect for Windows Kinect for Xbox One
Commercial Use Right X O O
Head & Wrist Movement O O O
Auto Floor Calibration O O O
Floor Adjustment O O O
Remove Body Command O O O
Mirror Function O O O
Motion Smoother O O O
Near Mode X O O
Head Rotation X O O
Wide Angle Lens and Time of Flight Depth Sensor X X O
Neck Up/Down, Upper torso, wrist rotation X X O
Better floor and feet contact, save floor calibration X X O
Compatible version iClone 5 Pro & above iClone 5 Pro & above iClone 6.21 Pro & above