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iClone for
Storyboarding and Pre-vizualizations are no longer only for big-budget action flicks. Learn more about these techniques that have helped filmmakers from Cameron to Spielberg, create memorable visual stories and allowed them to plan challenging scene shoots before incurring the costs of principle photography.

Storyboard in Motion

iClone allows you to create great storyboard examples that help plots and characters literally jump out of pages and screens. Many of today's most innovative independent directors depend on animation tools when starting to map out their projects.

More and more directors are now turning to iClone, as it helps you cut down on costs and production time like no other application can.

Pre-viz Filming

The advantage of previsualization is that it allows directors to experiment with different staging and art direction options such as lighting, camera placement, movements, stage direction and editing - without having to incur the costs of actual production. With iClone's real-time essence, it's much faster and cost-effective for filmmaking to visualize their movies with preset templates and characters.

Simulation & Visualization

With iClone's smart physics engine now you are able to correctly simulate formulas and concepts for use in math, physics, science, astronomy or any other real-world applications. Thanks to iClone's powerful Physics Toolbox users may create their own working experiments like Rude Goldberg machines, or develop unique inventions like segways, robots or conveyer belts prior to prototyping.

Game Prototyping

With the physics interaction and live prop puppet controls, you can easily develop prototype games with marbles, pinballs, bowling balls and others. iClone's versatile animation pipeline also brings real-time animation tools and 3D content to game development, CG animation and practical simulation.

Architecture Preview & Navigation

Many architects, engineers and 3D artists at SketchUcation have found iClone to be a quick fix for animating 3D worlds around their models. iClone's trees, grass, lighting and easy avatar creation gives users a simple way to bring their 3D models to life.

User Story

Realm Pictures
- On iClone: "Big thanks to Reallusion for working with us to build the pre-viz workflow with their software iClone 5. More pre-viz productions to come over the next few weeks as we let you in the process as it develops!"
Category: Featured Studio
Dave and Shaz talk us through Pre-Viz and how they plan to create the UnderWater Realm using iClone and Kinect mocap features.
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VegaH Studios
- On iClone: "Reallusion products are among our inventory tools which support us in developing content for feature film pre-visualizations, TV and web media. VegaH Studios has gotten very good appraisals from various film directors for our work with iClone."
Category: Featured Studio
VegaH Studios is a digital animation service provider which renders services for 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Previsualization, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics; both in the U.S. and India.??
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Tom Weston
- On iClone: "iClone was the only one that came close for a neophyte such as me. We didn't make the film, but I did use iClone to make a short test animation of the film's ending."
Category: Featured Artist
Tom got iClone in the first place was because he had a script for a ghost story, which he thought would make for a nice little animated film and we took a look at everything which was on the market back then to see if a film could be made without a budget or army of animators
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