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iClone for
iClone meets the needs of today's educators by developing professionals with well-rounded talents for many industries. With iClone, students can unleash their inner talents and deliver results in weeks which would normally take years with traditional 3D tools.

Learn Animation by Storytelling

By streamlining the animation process, iClone allows teachers to create engaging courses while allowing students to learn by having fun. iClone also allows students to create 3D animations without spending lots of time creating characters from scratch or preparing individual props for each scene.

Visualize Concepts in Motion

Explain complex theories by simply animating them with full-functioning distances, perspectives, movements and more. Teachers can animate concepts into their simplest form, and then share them online for students to review anytime! Students can also elaborate their research findings, science projects, math assignments, group activities and almost anything they need with iClone.

Real-time Education

iClone is the first in-house mocap studio that allows you to directly bring in motion data without the burden of complex motion pipelines or meticulous conversion issues. Students and educators can easily insert their own performances into virtual actors while manipulating accesories and physics in real-time.

Extendable Pipelines with Industry Tools

iClone provides the best, and most flexible, working pipeline for multiple project outputs with 3D tools like SketchUp, 3DS Max, Blender, Maya, Poser, ZBrush and others. Students can also create and sell their own designs in an open community that promotes discussion, exchange and collaboration with friendly contributors from all around the globe.

User Story

Alan Marques
- On iClone: "The Pre-visualization module of the London Film Academy's Digital Film VFX Certificate course is designed to show pre-vis. With the aid of Reallusion's iClone, filmmakers can try out creative visual effect shot ideas in a real time CG environment."
Category: Featured Artist
An introductory video, explaining the usage and potential of iClone in the film industry (London Film Academy School) for saving costs and production time.?
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Darren J. Thompson
- On iClone: "iClone has been a great 'teaching aid' for the media / film craft courses when looking at 'lighting techniques' / 'camera functions' / documenting evidence in 'script/story fashion'. It also comes in handy for prepping lessons and creating demonstrational materials as part of the teacher's toolkit."
Category: Featured Artist
As part of my role in the firm; I look after the media and ICT provision we offer to our learners, writing & developing the sessions as part of the full programme we offer. This is where we have come to love iClone, it fulfills many requirements that we may be faced with.
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Mike Aparicio
- On iClone: "Right now I use iClone to demonstrate the power of animation philosophy created by Reallusion, and have produced some interesting musical videos with virtual singing, synthetic music and of course iClone scenery and performers. I am soliciting my school authorities to purchase a series of packages to include iClone as part of our regular teaching programs."
Category: Featured Developer
Mike directs the MediaLab facilities of Galileo University in Guatemala, and teaches Computer Animation, Video Special Effects and Complex Video Montage techniques. Lately Mike Aparicio, under the Apparition brand name is working as a CCD for Reallusion, hand has just release......
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