The Reallusion Hub is the manager of all your Reallusion programs and plug-ins, helping you easily utilize and organize everything in one place. Through the Reallusion Hub you can quickly review, open, install and update any 2D/3D animation program or plug-in you already own. What's more, is that with the Hub you can download other Reallusion products for FREE, giving you a chance to try before you buy.


Easily Manage Apps

Apps Management & Launch

You can view all your purchased products and their information in one place, and then click to launch selected apps.

Keep Apps Up-to-date

The Hub will automatically remind you when a new version of an app is available, and provide you with detailed update information.

Smart Installation

The Hub will install and update all apps and plug-ins in order, so that you don’t have to worry about any update interdependence among installations.

Explore Potential Solutions

Discover Other Products

The Hub displays all our apps and plug-ins that are designed to meet different kinds of animation needs, so you can easily explore new products and discover novel solutions for your work.

Free Trials

You can easily download, install and launch the trial versions for all our products via the Hub. If you're satisfied after the trial, then you may use the Hub to purchase the full-versions.

Get Apps Faster

Multiple Downloads

Save time by downloading multiple products at once! This is especially helpful when you wish to install many apps on a new computer.

Resumable Download

To prioritize your tasks and internet bandwidth, you’re able to pause and resume the download process at anytime, even after restarting your computer.

Hub v5.31.2722.1 (File Size: 139 MB). Available for Windows 7/10/11.

*The Reallusion Hub is fully compatible with all current Reallusion products, and it is backwards compatible with previous versions like: iClone 7, Character Creator 3, Cartoon Animator 4. Know More >


User Interface Overview
1. Quick Guide
Video guide to learn more about Reallusion Hub.
2. Notification Center
Keep posted on the latest offers, updates and free webinars.
3. More
Check system information and network diagnostics or submit support tickets and report issues.
4. Main Product
Click to filter applicable add-ons for the chosen product.
5. Add-ons Filter
Switch tabs to filter add-ons by purchase and installation or toggle categories.
Product Card
1. Product Version
Switch to managing different versions and update to the latest version of the software.
2. Resources
    Product Home
    Video Tutorials
    Online Manual
    Release Notes
    What's New
1. Trial
Try products for free before purchasing.
2. Manage Apps
Click to Install, Uninstall, Open, Try or Purchase any app.
1. Free
Free products available for download from the website.
2. Applicable Product Version
Applicable product version for add-ons.

Leave Your Feedback

At Reallusion, we always strive to deliver the best possible products and services. For this we regularly need every customer's feedback! So you are more than welcome to visit our forum to share your comments, opinions and suggestions.