Singing Holiday e-Cards make great gift!
Forget stamps, envelopes
and long post office lines this holiday season!

Send your loved ones a truly unique holiday greeting they’ll never forget with an animated singing e-card using the remarkable talking photo software, CrazyTalk™!
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Using any photo, you can create fully animated, talking or even singing e-mailable images that are sure to impress and delight your friends and family!
CrazyTalk™ provides you with easy-to-use facial animation, Text-To-Speech, and instant voice recording technology to give your favorite photos a language all their own!
All you need is a photo and a little creativity to bring your photo to life
in e-mail ready cards and greetings.

"We guarantee you'll find it
amazing and hysterical..."

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CrazyTalk™ Special
Home Edition $39.95
+ 3 Holiday Cards and Songs Free

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With this great package, you get special features like:
• Everything you need to easily create animated talking images
• Pre-fitted images & backgrounds to create the perfect e-greeting
• Detailed, easy-to-follow, convenient step-by-step tutorials
• Special offers for exclusive image packages & upgrades

Best of all, now you can get CrazyTalk™ Home Edition
for a special holiday price of only $39.95 (Save $10)!

For the most unique holiday greeting ideas, check out these 3 bonus fun examples!
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Complete your Singing Card Experience with an additional set of 20 Holiday Greeting Cards designed exclusively for use with your photos.
The CrazyTalk Christmas Card pack gives you the essential designer collection for this holiday season.   More Info

CrazyTalk™ makes a perfect holiday gift for that person who has everything!
But don’t take our word for it, see what the experts have to say!
CrazyTalk™ is listed as one of’s
50 most popular downloads in 2003!
“For the casual home user who’d like to send an animated greeting to Aunt Martha – with your head or anybody else’s – CrazyTalk™ is a lot of crazy fun.”
"We guarantee you'll find it amazing and hysterical."
“You’ll have a unique way of conveying your message or putting words in the mouth of a toddler, your pet schnauzer or the Statue of Liberty.”