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It'sMe blasts you into a new realm of 3D animation, turning your photos into full motion, 3-dimensional animated characters.

Create fully animated 3D characters of yourself, your friends, or anyone from just a single photograph. It'sMe makes it simple for anyone to create custom 3D characters that dance, move, and show emotion. It'sMe quickly adds dynamic animation to any multimedia production, email or website.

Create your own 3D animated character in minutes
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Import your own image

It'sMe facial fitting editor makes it easy to transform a single 2D image into a customized 3D avatar. You can import digital photos directly from your computer, the Internet or any TWAIN enabled device. Your personalized 3D facial model can then be added to a full-bodied 3D avatar.

Customize Your Character

Dress your character
Selectively customize six different regions of your outfit by choosing from various items found in your virtual wardrobe. The six regions include: Hairstyle, Upper Body, Lower Body, Shoes, Accessories and SkinTone

Apply natural motion animation
Vast selection of 3D movements: including dance moves, gestures, stunts, sporting moves and many others.

Export Files

Export your animated character in a standard graphic file format: including GIF, JPG, .BMP & .AVI

Or use the Export Wizard to quickly create professional looking signatures, e-cards, desktops, posters, stickers and much more...