Photo Animation software with the power to create talking animated movies from any photo


Before your very eyes you are about to witness the most amazing secrets behind the magic of photo animation. Now, never before seen tricks will be uncovered as we reveal how to animate your digital photos. Just as the Hollywood special effects pros work their magic, you too can be given the power to create animated talking incarnations of anyone or anything inside any photo. Welcome to the Magic of Photo Animation.

Woof! - Make my photos talk!  Bow Wow! - Create a Talking Photo Album!
       Create Talking Photo Albums

CrazyTalk The power to transform any digital photo (JPG or BMP) into a fully animated talking character can be yours with the amazing CrazyTalk. Instantly create animated talking photos using your recorded voice, wav files or text-to-speech complete with automatic facial expression morphing. Share your talking photos as movies (AVI, WMV, RM) on your web site (ActiveX plugin, Streaming video), or as animated e-mail. Purchase Info

TalkingSlide Introducing the web's most unique photo album. Your photos can now magically go from your PC harddrive to a fully animated pro photo slideshow that adds a talking animated photo guide you create using CrazyTalk to narrate each photo just like broadcast video. Export for CD or the WWW. Adding a personal narrorator to your digital photo albums ensures that your memories are kept and retold exactly as you experienced them. TalkingSlide is great for family photos, vacation photos, school projects; simply anyone who wants to tell a story will enjoy TalkingSlide. Purchase Info

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Press & Reviews:
Popular Photography
"We guarantee you'll find it amazing and hysterical..."
- CrazyTalk
PC Magazine
"fresh ways to use your digital photos." -CrazyTalk & TalkingSlide
"CrazyTalk easily gives voice and facial expressions to your photos "
The Boston Globe
"If you're the type who's not satisfied clicking through static photos, how about something a little more animated? CrazyTalk"
"I'm a video producer/editor and I can't believe I haven't been using this program until now! I've just added you to my "Special Thanks" list at the end of my productions. You have a goldmine of a program there!
I love it!"
- J. Stephens
"It's one of the best programs I've seen. Great work !!!!!" - L. Creamer
I love the programs from Reallusion. My friends think I'm a guru when I show 'em the animations from It's Me and Crazy Talk. - T. Meyers
About Bonus Mobile Software: WOWScreens
WOWScreens is an exciting software program for Symbian-based mobile phones enabling users to replace their default 'Standby' mode display with an interactive, colorful 3D animation featuring alarm clock, timer, and animated alert notification. WOWScreens places lively animated characters and backgrounds at your fingertips providing you with a fully interactive 3D interface.

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