Reallusion Authorized
Demo & Training Center

Creative Media Industries
Institute at GSU

Courses, Facilities, & Workshops at CMII

The Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII) on the campus of Georgia State University (GSU) is the official Reallusion demo and training center featuring courses in Virtual Production, Game Design and Animation with the Reallusion pipeline. The CMII learning environment and working studio provide students access to a $27M facility with the latest motion capture, game development and virtual production technologies. The Lab facilities at the CMII are equipped with iClone, Character Creator, Cartoon Animator and more Reallusion tools. Workshops at the CMII will resume 2021.

Cutting-edge Facilities

$27M tech complex including 4D Views, OptiTrack, Xsens, Rokoko, Noitom, Faceware

College Credit for Reallusion Tools

Animation, Game Design, Virtual Production

Inspirational Environment

Creativity Zones, Workshops and Workstations


Atlanta, Georgia is the new Hollywood of the south with a conglomerate of studios and soundstages housing many of the top productions in film and television. From Trilith Studios to Tyler Perry Studios and many more, there is an epicenter of production in Atlanta and throughout Georgia due to tax incentives driving many to call Georgia home for their productions. Recently movies and television from Disney’s Marvel Studios, Netflix and Warner Bros, among others have wrapped production in Georgia. Productions locally provide students and staff with engagement opportunities in real world productions.

Georgia Area Production
Trilith Studios
Tyler Perry Studios
"We are so looking forward to being a partner with you and Reallusion. The idea of our students being able to have access to your latest software and become proficient is truly a game changer for us. Truly exciting times for us all. Thank you for the opportunity!"
Brennen Dicker
Executive Director / Georgia State University CMII
"We are so thankful for this relationship, and the opportunities it presents to our faculty and students to become proficient in the content creation pipelines that are disrupting how compelling content is being produced across all sectors."
Candice Alger
Associate Director / Professor, CMII
"The CMII is a place for students to access bleeding edge technology and learn the tools that are driving today’s industry. Reallusion is the pipeline that enables our students to start their journey."
James Martin
Professor of Practice / Georgia State University CMII
"As a student at the CMII, I have been able to learn in class, train with industry experts, and experience production over a summer project with Warner Bros. The CMII has everything a student needs to make a start in the industry."
Joel Mack
Student / Georgia State University
"Reallusion and CMII bring together a world class media education and production facility with Reallusion tools in CMII labs. Over 9 hours of accredited courses with our total software platform for characters, animation and 3D content are available to students through our partnership."
John Martin II
Vice Presidentr / Reallusion
"Reallusion tools are an essential part of our game design and virtual production courses. There’s nothing else out there that I’d recommend to my students. This is the standard in characters for games."
Max Thomas
Professor, Lecturer / Georgia State University
"Learning Character Creator at the CMII was a a great chance to learn something new and apply that to getting a job locally with Futurus working on character creation for VR."
Shelby Vaughn
Student / Georgia State University
Character Artist / Futurus
Hands-on Experience

Reallusion tools and technology are experienced best in-person and we invite you to visit us in Atlanta for a scheduled opportunity. We support a myriad of mocap devices and project scenarios. Contact us to learn more about a demo experience.

***Currently due to COVID-19 we are scheduling these visits in the future, as possible, and in accordance with the official Georgia State University policies. Please stay tuned for the availability to schedule your meeting.***

Professional Workshops

4 Dedicated workshops for Reallusion technology:

  • Digital Human - CC3, Headshot, Character Pipeline Workflow to Unreal.
  • Mocap for Live Performance and Production - iClone, Xsens, Neuron, iPhone
  • Face Mocap for Voice Actors - 3D and 2D Live Performance - CTA, iClone, iPhone.
  • Virtual Production Pipeline - Character Creator, Headshot, iClone and Unreal Engine

***Workshop schedules are to be determined due to COVID-19. We are scheduling dates in the future, as possible, and in accordance with the official Georgia State University policies. Please stay tuned for the availability to schedule your meeting.***

View previous workshops above and stay tuned for the future courses.