FaceFilter Photo Editor
Reallusion 3D animation software

Getting Started

We have separated the getting started guide down in to 4-steps. These guides cover importing an image, fitting the mask, selecting an expression and exporting.

  • Starting FaceFilter Studio: This section describes the basic information needed to launch the FaceFilter Studio software.

  • Basic steps: FaceFilter Studio is a very easy to use, 5-step process. These five basic procedures are described in this section.

  • Navigation pane: This section describes the navigation pane, observed in graphic user interface of the software. Use this pane to navigate back and forth while editing images.

  • Status bar: The status bar displays logistical information about the image being edited, which is described in this section.

  • Viewing the image: This section describes various ways in which you can view the image being edited.

  • Editing the image: This section provides different ways to apply or cancel the changes made to the selected image.



FaceFilter Studio
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