Transforming the Eyes

FaceFilter helps you open up tired or sleepy eyes, or adjust eye shape to conform to whatever shape or size you think is the most beautiful. You may make a subtle change in the eye shape, give a more symmetrical or balanced look to the eyes, adjust the space between eyes, or change the size of the eyes.

In this photo the model has asymmetrical eyes. Make sure all the facial features on the image are well-fitted in the Fitting tab.

Manually Shaping the Eyes

You may manually adjust the reshaping effects to achieve an ideal look.

  1. Click the Face Features button in the Modify Panel, and pick the eyes area shown in the illustration.
  2. The corresponding menu will then be displayed with a number of options and sliders as shown at the bottom half of the panel. You may utilize the Reshaping Controls to keep, remove, or adjust the strength for all shaping effects at any time.

    Left Eye

    Check this box and drag the sliders to make adjustments to the left eye. You may check the With Eyebrow box to adjust the left eyebrow simultaneously.

    Right Eye

    Both Eyes

    With Eyebrow






  3. Check the Left Eye and With Eyebrow boxes. Then adjust the MoveY value to align the left eyes and eyebrows to the right ones.

    After shaping (MoveY: 70)

  4. Uncheck the With Eyebrow box. Then lower the MoveY value to move the left eye down slightly; adjust the ScaleY value to make the left eye look the same size as the right eye.

    Before shaping

    After shaping (MoveY: -25; ScaleY: 7)