Adjusting Muscles around the Mouth

When decoding emotional expressions, the mouth can also give clues, just like the eyes. In FaceFilter, you may adjust the surrounding muscles to create different mood effects such as delight, anger, sorrow, or happiness.

Given a woman with less facial expression on the photo. Make sure all the facial features on the image are well-fitted in the Fitting tab.

Using Expression Templates

You can apply preset effects in the template library to achieve an ideal look instantly.

  1. Switch the Content Manager to the Reshape >> 03 Expression library, then double click on a desired template.
  2. Change the viewing method to observe the Before/After difference in the preview window. You may keep, remove, or adjust the strength for the reshaping effect through the Reshaping Controls.

    Before applying template.

    After applying the Tender template from the Expression library.

Manually Creating Expressions with the Mouth