Shaping the Face

With FaceFilter, you can take advantage of instant facial sculpting tools. There are face transformation and expression templates embedded for you to shape facial features and create facial expressions under the Reshape tab.

Before proceeding, make sure all the facial features on the image have been well-fitted with fitting points.

Applying Shape Templates

You may double click on a desired reshape template from the Content Manager library. The reshape library contains four template libraries: Male, Face Lift, Expression, and Reshaping.

  • Male Library: Male pattern facial expressions or shapes, including youthful restoration.
  • Face Lift Library: Well-blended facial features along with muscle expressions to revive vitality or youth.
  • Expression Library: Different facial expressions or personalities, such as cool, innocent, kind, or tender.
  • Reshaping Library: Various facial shapes or sizes, such as large eyes, or small face.

Manually Re-shaping the Face