Whitening Teeth

A lighter shade of teeth gives a brighter and more beautiful smile. If the teeth in the photo do not seem bright enough, you are able to use the Teeth-whitening feature provided by FaceFilter to remove the stains caused by tea, coffee, red wine and discoloration due to smoking and ageing.

Using Teeth Templates

With the Content Manager, you are free to apply either one of the templates from the Teeth library to change the brightness of the teeth.

  1. Before starting the whitening process, you will need to:
  2. Click on the Teeth button in the Facial Makeup section.

    Alternatively, you may first switch to the Facial Makeup category, and then click on the Teeth area on the face.
  3. The Content Manager will auto-switch to the Teeth library.
  4. Double click on the template in the library to whiten the teeth.

    Template is applied.

Manually Whitening Teeth (for Pro only)