Skin Revitalization

FaceFilter provides a Skin Foundation section for revitalizing the skin of the face in the photo; including Skin Refinement, Skin De-Oil, and Eye Bag Reduction layers. The Skin Refinement layer applies an ideal tone to the skin; the Skin De-Oil layer assists you in removing oily skin and the Eye Bag Reduction can be used as a concealer layer to cover imperfections of the skin.
Here is a photo that contains a few obvious skin conditions.


Applying Skin Foundation Templates from Library - By using the Skin Foundation templates from the library, you can quickly fix up the conditions of the skin.


Skin Refinement- This layer helps you by applying alternative skin tones which even out the surface appearance.


Skin De-Oil - This layer is able to remove oily skin from specific zones on the face.


Eye Bag Reduction - This layer can be used as concealer to conceal skin imperfections.

After the skin foundation step, a more even skin tone is revealed and the face is ready for makeup.