Sculpting Face with Highlight and Contour

An oval-shaped face is generally considered a perfect face shape. With FaceFilter, you are able to sculpt faces of Highlight & Contour layer. By using these tools, you can alter the appearance of any facial shape and highlight flattering features.

Basics of Sculpting Face
Using Highlight and Contour Templates

Use the Content Manager to apply any Highlight & Contour template in order to modify the appearance of the facial shape.

  1. Before starting to sculpt the face with templates, you need to:
    • Make sure the face of the photo has been well-fitted with feature points.
    • Optionally perform the Skin Foundation tasks in order to enhance the facial makeup results.

      Before modification.

      After modification.

  2. Click on the Highlight & Contour button in the Facial Makeup section.

    Alternatively, you may first switch to the Facial Makeup category, and then click on the Highlight & Contour area on the face.
  3. The Content Manager will auto-switch to the Highlight & Contour library.
  4. Double click on the template in the library to modify the shape of the face.

    01 Shape Correction


    02 Lighting_Left


    03 Lighting_Right


    Dramatic (Bonus)

Sculpting Method (for Pro only)