Luscious Lips

When the lips are dry and dehydrated, glossless or gloomy, the face loses its attraction and charm. By using the Lips layer in FaceFilter, the lips can be returned to a glossy, full, moist and creamy appearance.

Using Lip Templates

With the Content Manager, you are free to apply any templates from the Lips library to change appearance of the lips.

  1. Before beginning to apply lip templates, you may need to:
  2. Click on the Lips button in the Facial Makeup section.

    Alternatively, you may first switch to the Facial Makeup category, and then click on the Lips area on the face.
  3. Open the Content Manager.
  4. Double click on the template in the library to apply the predefined lipstick style to the current face.

    The Default Folders

    The default Lips libraries include 01 General Color, 02 Dark Color, 03 Light Color, 04 Vivid Color, 05 Shimmer, and 06 Matte folders with templates suitable for different purposes or needs.

    01 General Color


    02 Dark Color


    03 Light Color


    04 Vivid Color


    05 Shimmer


    06 Matte

Manually Change the Rouge (for Pro only)