Mask-based Editing Tools

In FaceFilter, the makeup and the effects from the Makeover and Effect features only take effect along with editable Masks. By defining the masking area with default editing tools, you can customize the ranges of the de-oil, blushes, highlights, etc., not to mention the areas for the camera lens effect for the foreground and background.

*Standard version: Mask Tools can only be used in the Effect page.

Open Mask Editing Tools Panel
  1. In the Makeover or Effect pages, click the Mask Tool button on the tool bar.
  2. The Mask Tool panel shows.


    : Use this tool to pan and view the desired area of the photo.


    : Use this tool to paint on the photo to add to the masked area.


    :Use this tool to erase any unwanted masked area.


    : Use this tool to enclose and fill up and area and defined it as masked.

    Quick Edge

    : This tool will cause FaceFilter to calculate and find edges for your masked area.


    : Click this button to reset the masked area.


    : Click this button to delete the current mask. Please note that this button can not delete the masks in other layers or pages.

    Feather Tools

    : Click this button to perform advanced settings to the current mask.



    Brush Size


    Brush Hardness


    Brush Strength

Quick Face Masking
Advanced Settings