Improving Appearance with Makeup

After Skin Foundation, the face looks clean and flawless. However, after applying makeup the appearance can be enhanced and stylized. There are a variety of different makeup options provided in FaceFilter, each with its own specific purpose and scenario.


Applying from Facial Makeup Library - By using the Facial Makeup template from the library, you may quickly enhance the complexion or modify the shape of the face.


Highlight & Contour - This layer helps you to sculpt and add more dimension to the face by emphasizing key features.


Blushes - This layer is used to apply blush to the face in order to bring out the cheekbones or any other feature you wish to emphasize.


Lips - This is your conventional lipstick layer, and is used to apply vibrant color to the lips with either a glossy or matte finish.

Please remember to apply Eye Makeup in order to draw attention to the center of the face.