Glowing Face with Blushes

FaceFilter provides the Blushes layer for applying bronzer and blush to the face. With the interaction of these two elements, the skin looks healthier with a youthful glow which draws the eyes to the more attractive features of the face.

Proper Placements for Blushes
Using Blushes Templates

With the Content Manager, you are free to apply either one of the templates from the Blushes library to enhance the complexion of the face.

  1. Before starting to apply blushes with templates, you may need to:
  2. Click on the Blushes button in the Facial Makeup section.

    Alternatively, you may first switch to the Facial Makeup category, and then click on the Blushes area on the face.
  3. The Content Manager will auto-switch to the Blushes library.
  4. Double click on the template in the library to modify the complexion of the face.

    The Default Folders

    The default Blushes libraries include 01 Petal, 02 Arc, 03 Oblique, 04 Rectangle, 05 Round, and 06 Butterfly folders with templates suitable for different purposes or needs.

    01 Petal


    02 Arc


    03 Oblique


    04 Rectangle


    05 Round


    06 Butterfly

    The Power Pack Folders

    If you see a folder with thumbnail as shown in the step 1 below in the Blushes library, then you may purchase more templates from the Makeup PRO site:

    1. Double-click on the folder with thumbnail of briefcase in the Blushes library.
    2. You will be directed to the Makeup PRO official site.
    3. Execute the downloaded installation and your Blushes Library will be expanded with 11 more templates in 2 new folders:




Manually Applying Bronzer and Blush (for Pro only)