Enhancing Brows

Eyebrows make a huge difference to a person's face. They frame the face and the eyes and help with drawing attention to the center of the face. If they are are huge and bushy, they may attract the wrong type of attention. If they are too thin or uneven, the face will look blank or strange.
For this reason, they should be made a priority before other makeup is applied.

Defining Eyebrows
Utilizing the Eyebrow Library

FaceFilter contains an Eyebrow library in which the templates define various colors and types of eyebrows.

  1. Before starting to enhance the brows with a template, you may need to:
    • Make sure that the eyebrows have been accurately fitted.

      The relationship between the fitting contours and the effective areas for the brow.
      Manually edit the mask so that the eyebrow effect can fill or change the shapes of the brows.

    • Optionally perform the Skin Foundation and Facial Makeup tasks.

      Before skin foundation.

      After skin foundation and facial makeup.

  2. Click on the Eyebrows button in the Eye Makeup section.

    Alternatively, you may first switch to the Eye Makeup category, and then click on the Eyebrows area of the face.
  3. The Content Manager will auto-change to the Eyebrows library with templates.
  4. Double click on the desired eyebrow template to apply the color to the face.

    The Default Folders

    The default Eyebrows libraries include _Female_Natural, and _Male_Thin folders with templates suitable for different purposes or needs.




    The Power Pack Folders

    If you see a folder with thumbnail as shown in the step 1 below in the Eyebrows library, then you may purchase more templates from the Makeup PRO site:

    1. Double-click on the folder with thumbnail of briefcase in the Eyebrows library.
    2. You will be directed to the Makeup PRO official site.
    3. Execute the downloaded installation and your Eyebrows Library will be expanded with 26 more templates in 3 new folders:






Manually Creating Natural and Full Brows (for Pro only)