Defining Eyes with Eyeliner

Although eye shadow can add more dimension to the eyes, in order to bring out the eyes, you may need to use eyeliner to slightly define the position of and reshape the eyes.

Re-shaping Eyes with Eye Lines
Utilizing the Eye Lines Library

FaceFilter contains an Eye Lines library which contains various eye line styles.

  1. Before starting to apply eye line templates, you may need to:
    • Make sure that the eyes have been accurately fitted.
    • Optionally perform the Skin Foundation, Facial Makeup, and Eye Shadows tasks for the face in the photo.

      Original look of the face.

      After the skin foundation, facial makeup or eye shadows are applied.

  2. Click on the Eye Lines button in the Eye Makeup section.

    Alternatively, you may first switch to the Eye Makeup category, and then click on the Eye Lines area on the face.
  3. The Content Manager will auto-change to the Eye Lines library with templates.
  4. Double click on the desired eye line template to apply to the eyes.

    The Default Folders

    The default Eyebrows libraries include _Regular_Soft, _Regular_Stroke and Crease folders with templates suitable for different purposes or needs.





    Crease (Bonus)

    The Power Pack Folders

    If you see a folder with thumbnail as shown in the step 1 below in the Eye Lines library, then you may purchase more templates from the Makeup PRO site:

    1. Double-click on the folder with thumbnail of briefcase in the Eye Lines library.
    2. You will be directed to the Makeup PRO official site.
    3. Execute the downloaded installation and your Eye Lines Library will be expanded with 33 more templates in 3 new folders:






Manually Creating Eye Lines (for Pro only)