Dealing with Oily Skin

(for Pro only)

Oily skin can be an issue for photographs as it gives your face a more glossy and unhealthy appearance. You can use the Skin De-oil layer iin FaceFilter to remove the oil from particularly susceptible areas of the face.

Dealing with Oily Skin

After you have smoothed the skin of a face in the photo with a Skin Refinement layer, excessive amounts of shine may remain. Follow the steps below to remove the appearance of oily skin from the face.

  1. Prep a photo with Skin Refinement steps already applied.

    The photo has been through the Skin Refinement step.

  2. Click on the Skin De-Oil button in the Skin Foundation section.

    Alternatively, you may first switch to the Skin Foundation category, and then click on the Skin De-Oil area on the face.
  3. Increase the Level value in the modify panel.

    The shine on the T-zone, the cheekbones and the chin are blended with the skin tone color.

    You may add or subtract the skin areas for de-oiling by editing the mask of this layer. Please refer to the Mask-based Editing Tools section for more information about editing mask.