Applying from Facial Makeup Library

In the Makeover page, you can enhance your model's complexion or apply makeup from the Facial Makeup library. After the template is applied, all you need to do is use the sliders in the Beauty Center panel to quickly modify the looks of the face to best fit your desired scenario.

Applying Facial Makeup Library Templates

Each of the templates in the Facial Makeup library contains specifications for Highlight & Contour, Blush, Lips and Teeth. These templates are designed for quick and easy application.

Click on the Facial Makeup button in the Modify Panel.

Alternatively, you may click on the Facial Makeup button to switch the Content Manager to the Facial Makeup library.

The Default Folders

The default Facial Makeup libraries include 01 Female, 02 Male, 03 Makeup and Dramatic folders with templates suitable for female or male faces.

01 Female


02 Male


03 Makeup


Dramatic (Bonus)