Appealing Eyes

The eyes are the portals to the soul. By applying the right amount of makeup to your eyes, they can easily become a focal area of the face. A face with skin foundation layers and facial makeup but without eye makeups is only half of a masterpiece. Adequate eye makeup really helps to express the most beautiful characteristics of the face.

Eye Makeup is composed of individual elements: Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Eye Lines, Eye Shadows, and Iris.

Creating Appealing Eyes

This face has already had skin foundation and facial makeup applied to it.


Applying from Eye Makeup Library - By using the Eye Makeup templates from the library, you can quickly apply pre-defined eye makeup with a single click for specific scenarios.


Eyebrows - This layer helps you apply different color and depth to the brows that frame the facial features.


Eye Shadows - This layer contains up to 7 sub-layers, which gives you the ability to generate creative eye shadow for drawing attention to the center of the face.


Eye Lines - This layer can accentuate the eyes and even slightly change the size and shape of the eyes.


Eyelashes - This layer can apply curly and thick lashes to make the eyes more distinctive and appealing.


Iris - Use this layer to change the colors of the iris or remove red eye issues.