Achieving a Flawless Complexion with Skin Refinement

(for Pro only)

In the Skin Foundation category, there are embedded Skin Foundation templates for applying. However, if you want to adjust more details due to different color tones and situations of the skin, you can manually change the settings for cloaking skin imperfections. This layer includes Skin Smooth, Skin Tone and Skin Texture, which work together to cover skin conditions such as freckles, fine lines, visible pores, etc. These tools are comparable to real-life Primer or Foundation, the first steps in the makeup application process.

Customizing Skin Tone

You may use the Skin Smooth and Skin Tone settings to prep the skin by refining the surface and evening out imperfections.

  1. Make sure the face of the photo has been well-fitted with feature points.

    The relationship between the fitting contours and the effective areas for skin foundation.
    Manually edit the mask so that the skin foundation effect can be applied to any exposed skin in order to have a coherent skin tone.

  2. Apply a template from the Skin Foundation library.

    The photo is given a Brown Skin template.

  3. Click on the Skin Refinement button in the Skin Foundation section.

    Alternatively, you may first switch to the Skin Foundation category, and then click on the Skin Refinement area on the face.
  4. Click on the stroke icon for Color to choose a desired shade.

    A different tone color is selected.

    For more information about the Color Palette, please refer to the Choosing Shades and Customizing Palette section.
  5. Adjust the Skin Smooth value.
  6. Adjust the Skin Tone value to determine the strength of the custom color that camouflages the original skin color.

    Strengthen the skin tone (sunburned).

    Weaken the skin tone.

Using Skin Textures