Fitting the Eyes and Eyebrows

Outlining the base shapes of eyes and eyebrows is important for applying any makeup or shape template in FaceFilter. Go to the Fitting >> Left Eye section, and adjust the fitting points and lines even closer to the feature. Before proceeding, you may want to learn the basic skills for adjust the wireframe.

Fine-tuning the Position

Click on the point to transform the outline of the eyebrow, or click on the line segment to drag the wireframe closer to the feature. Follow the same method to modify the eye position.

The initial positions detected by FaceFilter. Fitting points are grey in color.

The wireframe gets closer to where the eyebrow is located, and fitting points change to blue after being adjusted.

Changing the Eyebrow Shape
Adjusting the Eye Shape
Changing the Eyeball Shape
Once eyebrow and eye definitions have been established, you can always go back and adjust them at any point in your makeover process for the desired effect.