Cropping Photo

In order to focus on a face in a group photo, or cut off the redundant parts of a photo, you may crop out the unwanted area via the cropping feature.

Cropping Photo
  1. Load a photo.

    The photo is tall.

  2. Click the Crop button on the left tool bar in the Import page.
    1. Click this button to load a new photo.
    2. Click this button to start the procedure for cropping a photo.
    3. Click this button to rotate the photo clockwise.
    4. Click this button to rotate the photo counterclockwise.
    5. Click this button to horizontally flip the photo.
  3. Determine the target ratio by dragging the 8 boxes on the sides and the corners of the cropping  box.

    The cropping box initially shows in the same ratio as the photo.

    Drag the 8 boxes to resize the cropping box.

  4. You may click the down-arrow button besides the Crop button to show the ratio presets panel and select a desired resolution.
  5. Double click on the photo to crop it. Alternatively, you may click the Crop button again to crop the photo.