Correcting Photo Color with White Balance

Due to the color of the light source or the color temperature of the scene when you take a photo, it can sometimes have a strong orange, blue, or yellow overall tone.

In order to correct the color tone of the photo, you are able to utilize the White Balance feature to fix the color flaws (unless the flaws are intentionally created for a specific purpose).

Automatically Correcting (for Pro only)

By Sampling White References

When you have white reference in your photo, you are able to use the sampling method to correct the color with white balance feature.

  1. Load a photo.

    The photo has a yellow tinge

  2. Go to the Import >> Modify >> White Balance section, click on the Color Picker button in order to collect a sample from the photo.
  3. Click and sample a color from a part of the photo that you wish to use as a white reference in order for FaceFilter to adjust the image accordingly.

    Click to sample on a color that is taken as white reference.

    The photo is corrected so that the light source returns to white.

By Presets

When the light source is a warm tone, the photo color will be more yellowish. Conversely, if the image was taken in the shade, under a cloudy sky, or in a cooler looking area, the photo will have a predominantly blue tone.

You may use the presets to correct the color temperature of the photo by determining the average color of the entire photo.

  1. Load a photo. The example photos below contain no white reference.

    A yellowish photo without white references.

    A bluish photo without white references.

  2. Go to the Import >> Modify >> White Balance section, select a correcting preset from the drop-down list.
  3. The photos will be automatically adjusted and the objects in the photo will display the original colors under white light.

    Flash preset is applied to cool down the color of the photo.

    Cloudy preset is applied to warm up the color of the photo.

Manually Correcting