Content Manager

The Content Manager is used for managing associated content under the Makeover, Reshape, and Effect tab.



Template and Custom Library

There are two libraries in the Content Manager:

  • Template Library: Contains embedded templates installed along with the main program.
  • Custom Library: Contains custom templates you've added.


Template Folders

In the library pane, you may manipulate the templates in their folders, including applying the selected template (by double clicking the template), or basic editing for the custom templates.
There is a special template named "_No Effect" in each library for clearing up the effects of any template you have applied or manual adjustments you have made.



Click this button to add the current template being edited to the Custom Library.
If you have selected a template in the Custom Library, then a dialog box will appear and ask if you want to overwrite the selected template or save as a new one.


View Change

Click this button to cycle through the content display options.


Function List

Click this button to show the menu for manipulating the Content Manager, including dock and undock the Content Manager, and basic editing for the templates.


Find File (F3)

Click on this button to browse to find the selected template.

Changing the View Mode