Photo Effect

Your photo may look more eye-catching and professional after the application of lens filters, DSLR effects, or Bokeh effects. See how FaceFilter can transform a common photo without much effect into a photo that seems like it was taken with a high-end camera and lens.

Case Study - DSLR & Bokeh

Original photo without any special effects, flat and slightly out of focus.

After the Skin Foundation, Facial Makeup, Eye Makeup, and Reshape effects are applied, the models stand out and the image looks more professional.

Step 1: Face Fitting and Orientation
Step 2: Skin Enhancement and Facial Makeup
Step 3: Using Lens Filter

Go to the Effect tab, you can apply library templates or use Vignette effects to elevate the atmosphere of the photo. Click on the Lens Filter button in the Modify panel for the following settings.

Photo Tone Setting

Apply preset effects in the template library to brighten the color tone. Switch the Content Manager to the Lens Filter >> Tone library, then double click on the "05 Vivid Portrait" template.

Alternatively, activate the check boxes of the Color Balance, Brightness / Contrast and Hue / Saturation. Then balance the color by adjusting the Color Balance sliders, and increase the Contrast and Saturation values to polish the photo.

Before modification, the color tone of the photo is not very appealing.

After modification, the entire color of the photo is enhanced.


The Vignette effect can produce dark corners to the photo for drawing attention to the center. Turn on the Vignette effect, and increase the Size value to bring out your model; increase the Level value to strengthen the effect.

The corners of the photo will be then faded out with the Vignette effect.

Without Vignette.

With Vignette.

Step 4: Creating DOF Effect
Step 5: Exporting the Image