Muscles Adjusting

After reshaping the features, you may further apply subtle emotion or personality on your photos like happy, innocent, cool, or tender. Muscle-level facial morphing technology provided by FaceFilter helps you maintain a natural expression.

Case Study - Tough Man with Confidence

Original model with a pale look, slightly distressed.

After the Skin Foundation, Facial Makeup, Eye Makeup, and Reshape effects are applied, the model becomes a tough man with confidence.

Step 1: Face Fitting
Step 2: Skin Enhancement and Facial Makeup
Step 3: Face Reshaping
Step 4: Mood Changing

You may fine-tune the expressions or simply tweak it for a different feeling by using muscle-based manipulation such as raising an eyebrow, wrinkling the nose, or puckering the lips. Click on the Muscles button in the Modify panel, and follow the steps below to make a light smile on the face.

  1. Apply preset effects in the template library to achieve an ideal look instantly. Switch the Content Manager to the Reshape >> 03 Expression library, then double click on the "Smile" template.

    Alternatively, pick the Lips Muscles area on the face, and raise the mouth edges to make a light smile.
  2. The model in the photo will then appear confident and charming.

    Before adjusting the muscles, the captured facial expressions on the model's face is fairly neutral.

    After adjusting the muscles, the model has a confident smile on his face.