Features Reshaping

By taking advantage of the instant face reshaping tools in FaceFilter, you may improve the face's structure, symmetry, or simply slim it down. With the pre-made facial reshaping templates under the Reshape tab, it is easy to transform the facial features, as well as revive youth or vitality with the blended muscle expressions.

Case Study - Slim Face with Pleasant Expression

Original model with a wide face and a deadpan look.

After the Skin Foundation, Facial Makeup, Eye Makeup, and Reshape effects are applied, the model looks pleasant with a slim face.

Step 1: Face Fitting
Step 2: Skin Enhancement and Facial Makeup
Step 3: Face Reshaping

There are various templates for facial shape or size, such as slim face, large eyes, misty eyes, or sexy lips. You may also move, rotate and scale to transform features like brows, eyes, nose, mouth, and face shape. Click on the Face Features button in the Modify panel, and follow the steps below to slim down the face.

  1. Apply preset effects in the template library to achieve an ideal look instantly. Switch the Content Manager to the Reshape >> 04 Reshaping library, then double click on the "Slim Face" template.

  2. Optionally, pick the Face Shape area on the face, and manually adjust the Proportion value to slim down the jaw line.

    The Proportion slider determines the width of the lower part of the face.


    The Width slider to causes the face width to be thinner and narrower (negative value), or more rounded and wider (positive value).

  3. The lower part of the face will then become narrower.

    Before transforming, the model's face is a bit wide.

    After value adjustment, the jaw is slimmed down slightly.

Step 4: Mood Changing