Eye Shadows Layer (for Pro only)

The almond shape is considered to be the ideal eye shape. By adjusting the range and dimension of the different eye shadow layers, you are able to create an illusion of the perfect eye shape despite existing imperfections, or generate creative eye shadow for drawing attention to the center of the face.

Original eye shadows effect with the applied almond shape template.

After modifying the eye shadow layer, the almond shape is customized to the contour of the model's eyes.

Fine-tuning the Eye Shadows Layer

You are able to create your own eye shadow designs with the custom shades via the Eye Shadows layer. The layer contains up to 7 plus 1 (glitter) sub-layers, which gives you the freedom to create thousands of eye shadow types. Click the Eye Shadows button to further edit the three of these sub-layers, Foundation, Shade A and Brow Bone, and add the Glitter layer, in this template.

Foundation Layer

The Foundation layer determines the basic tone for the eyes.

  1. Click the Foundation layer, and modify the main shade in the Before view area in order to extend the affected area of the eye shadows to the lower eyelid.
  2. The eye shadow will then extend to the lower eyelid, which makes the almond shape larger.

    Default mask area of the applied template.

    After extending the mask area to the lower eyelid.

Shade A Layer

After the basic tone has been determined, you may apply darker shades to define the eye contours further.

  1. Click the Shade A layer, and modify the shade mask in the Before view area to reshape the contour of the eye.
  2. The eye contour will then be shaped.

    Before applying darker shade around the eye contour.

    After refining the mask area to the outer corners of the eyes.

Brow Bone Layer

Applying highlight shades may give more dimension to and also accentuate the eyes.

  1. Click the Brow Bone layer, and modify eyebrow bone mask in the Before view area to apply more light shade under the eyebrow bone.
  2. The eyes will then be accentuated and have more dimension.

    Before applying light shade under the eyebrow bone.

    After enlarging the mask area under the eyebrow bone.

Glitter Layer

By optionally using the Glitter sub-layer, a glittering powder can be applied to the eyes, which can draw more attention to the center of the eyes.

  1. Click the Layer Settings button, and click on the box besides the icon in the panel to add the Glitter sub-layer.
  2. Click the Glitter layer, and add the glittering mask in the Before view area to apply some glitter on the eyes.
  3. Pick a light shade from the Palette and increase the Layer Level. The eyes will then shimmer with the glittering powder.

    Before applying glittering powder to the eyes.

    After adding the glittering mask area to the eyes.