Eye Makeup

FaceFilter provides clever templates with eye makeup layers, part of a complete eye makeup system based on professional cosmetic theories which helps you modify the eyes in your photo to be more appealing. See how it can bring out your eyes with the five Eye Makeup elements: Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Eye Lines, Eye Shadows, and Iris.

Case Study - Enlarge Eyes and Add Creases

Original model with typical creaseless Asian eyes.

After the Skin Foundation, Facial Makeup, and Eye Makeup effects are applied, the model's eyes appear larger and more vibrant.

Step 1: Face Fitting and Orientation
Step 2: Skin Enhancement and Facial Makeup
Step 3: Applying Eyeliner Templates

Under the Makeover tab, you may apply Eyeliner to accentuate the eyes and even create distinct or subtle styles to redefine eye shape and position for close set eyes, wide set eyes, round eyes, or droopy eyes.

  1. Click on the Eye Makeup button, and then click on the Eye Lines area on the face to switch the Content Manager to the Eye Lines library.

    Alternatively, you may click the Eye Lines button in the Eye Makeup section.
  2. Double-click on the "High Crease_B" template in the Crease folder to create a crease along the upper eyelid with heavy application on the outer corner of the eye.


    You may purchase more templates from the Makeup PRO site via the folder with thumbnail as shown in libraries of the Content Manager.

  3. Increase the Level value to strengthen the effect (for Pro only).
  4. The eyeliner will then reshape the look of the eyes.

    Without eyeliner.

    With eyeliner.

Step 4: Applying Eye Shadow Templates
Step 5: Applying Eyebrow Templates
Step 6: Applying Eyelash Templates
Step 7: Applying Iris Templates