Facial Makeup

In FaceFilter, you may create a natural makeup look with the multi-layer makeup effects which are based upon real-life makeup theory. Simply apply templates layer by layer to sculpt the face with Highlight and Contours, give the face a glow with Blushes, bring out luscious Lips, and whiten the Teeth. Further enhance your look with dramatic eye makeup.

Case Study - Dramatic Makeup

Original wide face without makeup.

After the Facial Makeup and Eye Makeup effects are applied, the face is more sculpted and the model looks glamorous and confident.

Step 1: Face Fitting
Step 2: Applying Highlight & Contour Templates

Under the Makeover tab, you may use versatile highlight and contour tools to emphasize and flatter desirable facial features and reveal a superb facial shape, while concealing the less perfect parts on the face. For example, sculpt the face by choosing shape correction templates, including long face, pear face, round face, and many more.

  1. Click on the Facial Makeup button, and then click on the Highlight & Contour area on the face to switch the Content Manager to the Facial Makeup library.

    Alternatively, you may click the Highlight & Contour button in the Facial Makeup section.
  2. Double-click on the "Wide Face Female" template in the 01 Shape Correction folder for the face sculpting effect.

  3. The face will then display a more sculpted look.

    Before applying any template.

    After applying the shape correction template.

Step 3: Applying Blush Templates
Step 4: Applying Lipstick Templates
Step 5: Applying Eye Makeup