Skin Tone and Skin Texture (for Pro only)

In order to avoid a flawless, plastic-like appearance, facial foundation templates are blended with exquisite skin textures that help restore a natural look. The Skin Texture feature, which imitates the fine hair and grains on the skin, makes the skin more natural looking.

Original skin foundation effect with the applied template.

After modifying the skin tone and skin texture, the skin is refined and more naturally presented, consistent with the neck skin as well.

Fine-tuning Skin Foundation Result

You can refine the skin tone and skin texture to refine the skin surface, and extend the skin foundation if necessary. Switch to the Skin Foundation category, and then click on the Skin Refinement area on the face.

Alternatively, you may click the Skin Refinement button for further editing.

Skin Tone

You may use the settings in the Skin Refinement section to prep the skin by refining the surface and evening out imperfections, and quickly balance back your skin tone.

  • Increase the Skin Smoothing value to enhance the template effect.
  • Decrease the Skin Tone value for a more energetic and vibrant skin appearance.

The skin will then appears smoother and healthier.

Original skin foundation effect with the applied template.

After enhancing the smoothing strength and weakening the skin tone, the skin becomes even smoother but reveals more of the original color.

Skin Texture

You may adjust the sliders in the Skin Texture section to avoid the airbrushed look and maintain a natural-looking skin surface. The smoothed skin can be blended with detailed textures, which provide a more realistic appearance.

  • Adjust the Level to enhance the texture strength.
  • Adjust the Size to match the size of the face.
  • Adjust the Exaggeration to deepen the texture blending.

The skin surface will then appears more realistic.

Before fine-tuning the skin texture, it looks over-smoothed.

After fine-tuning the skin texture, it is closer to real skin texture.

Extend Skin Foundation

Due to the auto-generated mask which may not correctly cover the face and neck, you may need to extend the mask over the neck so that the skin foundation effect can be applied to any exposed skin in order to provide a consistent skin tone. Click the Mask Tool button on the tool bar, and use the masking tools to extend the mask in the Before view area.

The auto-generated mask does not cover the neck.

Extend the mask area over the neck.

The neck skin will then be consistent with the skin foundation of the face.

Original skin foundation effect with the applied template.

After modifying the mask, the skin foundation effect extends to the neck.