Skin Enhancement

Just like the regular makeup application process, in FaceFilter, you need to prepare an ideal skin foundation before applying any facial makeup. FaceFilter helps you revitalize the skin of the face in the photo by applying an ideal tone to the skin, refining the surface and concealing imperfections such as wrinkles, lines, freckles, moles and birthmarks.

Case Study - Rejuvenation

Original aged skin with eye bags.

After the Skin Foundation effects are applied, the skin is revitalized and appears younger looking.

Step 1: Face Fitting
Step 2: Applying Skin Foundation Templates

Under the Makeover tab, revitalize the skin of the face by selecting a template with different smooth levels that best fit your skin condition for a foundation.

  1. Click on the Skin Foundation button to switch the Content Manager to the Skin Foundation library.

    Alternatively, you may click the Skin Foundation button in the Beauty Center panel.
  2. Double-click on the "Smooth_Strong" template in the 02 Female Skin folder for the skin smoothing effect.

  3. Enhance the effect by adjusting the Skin Refinement slider, and increase the Eye Bag Reduction value in the Skin foundation section.
  4. The wrinkles, blemishs, as well as eye bags of the face will then be reduced, which helps revitalize the look of the skin.

    Before applying any templates.

    After applying the skin smoothing template and reducing the eye bags.