Face Fitting

Face Fitting is the crucial starting point of any makeover processes. After defining the facial features from the image, FaceFilter can then automatically apply various effects to it. Under the Fitting tab, click on the sections in the Step panel or use the Number keys (1, 2, 3...) to focus on each section, and move the wireframes even closer to the facial features.

  1. Make sure you have set the Face Selection Frame properly in the Select Face section (Number Key 1).
  2. Adjust the wireframes of the left eyes and eyebrows in the Left Eye section (Number Key 2).
  3. Adjust the wireframes of the right eyes and eyebrows in the Right Eye section (Number Key 3).
  4. Adjust the wireframe of the nose in the Nose section (Number Key 4).
  5. Adjust the wireframe of the mouth in the Mouth section (Number Key 5).
    The wireframe is designed for a closed mouth by default. If the mouth is open on the image, deactivate the Close Mouth box to change the form of the wireframe.
  6. Adjust the wireframe of the face contour in the Contour section (Number Key 6).
  7. Preview all the fitting results in the All section (Number Key 7). Make sure the fitting points of the whole face are accurately mapped to each facial feature, then start to beautify the face. By default, the Show Detail box is activated. You may deactivate it to have a clearer view of the fitting results.

    Show Detail: Activated

    Show Detail: Deactivated