Machinima movies created inside the virtual world of Second Life can produce stunning visuals, but often lack character facial animation or lip-sync. Reallusion CrazyTalk gives every avatar a voice transforming your movie's avatars into talking and expressive actors. All it takes is a screenshot of an avatar and CrazyTalk to animate your avatar.
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Video Title: Me Talk Pretty
Author: The Grid Review
Time: 02:45
Description: To work with CrazyTalk in Second Life, you can make a busy & bustling virtual world with talking avatars. The Grid Review is definitely a wonderful example to create your own story.
Video Title: Second Life Convention and Machinima
Author: Anime
Time: 02:39
Description: iClone & CrazyTalk generated Machinima newscast covering the highlights from the Second Life Community Convention 2007 and featuring Video podcast vlogger Michael Verdi of
Video Title: Moo Money
Author: The Grid Review
Time: 01:27
Description: Year in Review starring moo Money. Created on January 13th, 2007. See Secondlife avatar as anchorwoman.
Video Title: MBC Weekly News
Author: Metaversetv
Time: 11:56
Description: MBC Weekly News with Recka Wuyts, Dousa Drangonash, Vijay Saeed. The team looks at the latest news both in the real and virtual world.
Video Title: Hollywood Cubes Episode 1
Author: Metaversetv
Time: 27:58
Description: Game show filmed in Second Life based on the famous Hollywood Squares tv game show.
Video Title: Hide & Seek
Author: Gary Hazlitt
Time: 04:57
Description: A machinima by Gary Hazlitt completed on easter Saturday afternoon 2008. The song 'Hide and Seek' is by Imogen Heap from the album 'Speak for Yourself'
This tutorial describes how you can enrich your Machinima movies in Second Life with CrazyTalk. See how avatars can talk with lip-sync and expressions.
Frank Dellario, a Machinima pioneer, shares his perspective about Machinima in Second Life, and how CrazyTalk hits the market with its powerful lip-sync and facial animation features.
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CrazyTalk5 can transform photos and images into talking animated avatars and bring them to life with real-time puppeteering technique.
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