The Future of Moviemaking is here!
iClone3 is going to be released on August 9th 2008 and we are excited to set you on your journey into the most powerful toolset in real-time 3D animation. All of the engineers and Reallusion visionaries have spent countless hours pioneering and fine-tuning this release, yet the real killer feature and true magic of iClone is YOU. Welcome to the 3D Movie Machine, iClone 3.

Brand-new Program User Interface

  • Inside the 3D viewer, make multiple object selections and directly click and drag to move, rotate, scale, copy, and delete.
  • The Right-click menu system and Scene Manager keep you from having to search everywhere around the user interface for the right tool.

Dual Engine: Editor Mode and Director Mode

  • Reallusion has reinvented moviemaking with an ideology: CREATE - PLAY - EDIT - SHARE, which allows you to play-to-create your movie.
  • Innovative Dual Engine for filmmaking - Editor Mode: Create your scene and define your actors; Director Mode: Filmmaking is just like playing a videogame.

Multi-actor Dialog and Motion Management System

  • Every actor has its own set of Timeline tracks for motion, position, facial animation, hand gestures and more.
  • Give every actor a voice with the Multi-actor Dialog system, allowing every actor to talk to each other with automatic lip-synch, facial expressions and individual voice tracks.

Enhanced Real-time Render Quality

  • Advanced real-time render technology for natural water. Point-light, Spotlight, and Directional light - all there for your use.
  • Any object can have its own shader type, eg. Pixel Shader (the best), Quick Shader (the default), wireframe, bonding mesh, or even hidden

Interaction & DramaScript

  • DramaScript is data used to associate a hot-key and right-click menu operation to control live actor movement, movement on the terrain, how to sit on a chair, drive a car, fire a weapon or ignite an explosion.
  • Create your own unique movement behavior, automate the character personality, and invent your own interactive props (iProps) by editing and saving the DramaScripts.

Multiple Camera System

  • Add as many cameras to the scene and switch them as you like.
  • Live camera recording using fly, walk and follow cameras with videogame-like hot-keys.
  • Full Avatar Track management for multi-actor dialog and sophisticated motion performance
  • Play-to-Create Live Motion Recording


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