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The iClone animation pipeline upgrades Reallusion's real-time animation tools and 3D content for game development, CG animation and simulation. Create production and game-ready 3D digital actors, or import your FBX character rigs and characterize them for use in iClone. Animate characters with motion puppeteering, and then blend them with Kinect real-time motion capturing to build your own motion library. Convert and export characters, models and motions from iClone to game engines like Unity3D or other 3D software.

Reallusion provides you with an evaluation copy of iClone5 PRO! Experience this fully-featured animation studio that has revolutionized the art of 3D animation. Find out about more upcoming offerings!

“Reallusion's iClone5 is an impressive character creation, animation and motion capture toolbox for Unity developers. Unity welcomes Reallusion as a showcase partner for GDC 2012.”

- David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies


Generate Real-time Game-ready Characters

iClone for games streamlines character design with game-optimized actor bases, photo-to-3D actor head creation and character clothing customization. Generate multiple character appearances from body-style and facial feature morphs.

Clothing Templates for Character Design

Multiple styles for casual, formal and costume wear.

Face & Body Customization

Quickly create & export
complete characters.


Animate, Capture & Edit in Real-time

Human IK & Motion Puppeteering

Animate characters with HumanIK enabled puppeteering. Create new motion animation sequences in iClone with the slider-based motion mixer panel. Select and blend professional motion capture performances to generate your own motions.

Kinect Motion Capture

Motion capture with Kinect for Windows and iClone introduces real-time mocap for game developers. iClone5 simplifies animation with instant Kinect-mocap recording, playback and editing.


Convert Character/Motion for Your Environment

Content Format Retargeting

Convert existing characters into ready-to-animate actors with iClone motion capture and animation tools. Access a massive library of real-time game optimized props and characters. iClone streamlines animation production for games with the ability to import, animate and export FBX, OBJ, 3DS, & SKP files.

Content Library & Live Expansion

Connect and collect numerous content via the Reallusion Content Store. Also visit the Reallusion City Marketplace which provides you with "try before you buy" and "item-based" purchases, all in a live access experience.

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