Build the bridge between family and pets


Everybody might ever go after a dream pet who can talk to your family, but it usually happens in the movies. CrazyTalk5 interfaces facial animation with revolutionary real-time puppeteering controls empowering you with command performance over character facial expressions. Simply prepare a 2D photo of your pet, and you can create an incredible natural talking pet in a few minutes. In that case, there are no more secrets between pets and family.
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Rock 'n' Dog
My son, ...well- my puppy, becomes a super vocalist!! Welcome any comments for how cute my puppy and his friends are!! :)
My pet as secret spy
Spy Dog
Interactive school projects let students animate historical figures and more.
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Create animated comics with customizable talking text bubbles.
Make your pets chew your script
Step 1
Take pictures
Simply take pictures of your pets to create a talking head. A straight forward face is always the best.
Step 2
Face feature fitting
After loading the image to CrazyTalk, just place the feature points in the right position of the face.
Step 3
Custom eyes/teeth
To have natural look & animation, remember to select appropriate eyes & teeth for vivid head.
Media Buzz
CrazyTalk featured in video network

"Impressive, accessible and blisteringly fast real time 3D animation at an excellent price."

"CrazyTalk produces great results with little effort."
Step 4
Record a voice
Now, you can use a microphone to let the pet talk whatever you say. Any wav/mp3 file can also be supported.
Step 5
Apply emotion
You can use default templates to make pets talk with emotion, or move the mouse to puppeteer the face with specific emotion profile.
Step 6
Export to Share
Video export with various supported types, including animated GIF, videos for YouTube, DVD, HD, or flash for web.
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