Filmmaking for Everyone
In this unique new era, everyone now has the tools and hardware needed to work their imagination and export their creative stories with real-time 3D animation. Reallusion and its award winning software have once again partnered up with worldwide industry leaders, Intel and Nvidia, to bring you the latest and most advanced applications available.

Reallusion, Intel and Nvidia are renewing the visual age in computing and animation, and they are providing you with the ultimate real-time stage to create your movie with stunning animation tools that are accessible to all. The 2nd Annual iClone filmmaking competition is this year's remembrance to the imagination and all the childhood sci-fi memories we hold dear. It is again the time to come alive and let your vision tell your part of the story in this year's Sci-Fi Movie Filmmaking Competition.


The competition begins April 14, 2010 and concludes on July 4th 2010.


All participants must upload their video entries on YouTube and then submit their video URL to us via the Submission Form.

Winners will be announced on July 31st, 2010. For more information, see the complete rules and list of prizes. Rules | Prizes


You may click here for more information on how to submit your entry.


Review & Credits

“As an Intel Software partner, Reallusion participates in on-going events with Intel where we are able to feature the iClone optimizations that lie behind the scenes.” – Reallusion with Intel in GDC 2010
iClone is a feature-heavy, template-based 3D animation studio that's a must-see app if you're trying to break into the camera side of movies and animation.
- CNET (USA), 2008
“The animation studio for everyone - For facial animation, a new technology has been integrated, which allows a precise control of expression and language movement. This can be adjusted via timeline, so that artificial faces are barely distinguishable from reality.” - Film & Video Magazine, 2010


Sci-Fi Fan Community
This section is dedicated to our Sci-Fi traffic partners how have contributed their unwaivering help and support to this year's iClone Filmmaking Competition. Our traffic partners vary from well-known fan film sites, to science fiction review sites, and internet video portals. We encourage all our users and contestants to visit them in order to keep up to date on Sci-Fi news, reviews, fan film coverage and popular entertainment alike.


Remember to visit them regularly as we will be hosting special iClone give-away contests on their sites!

Having first introduced the Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge some time ago, has been an online video pioneer for more than 10 years. With their daily dose of cutting-edge content from the Web's most brilliant (and sometimes demented) comedic minds, they attract the Web's savviest audience. Visit them to submit your Star Wars Fan Movie right now!

FanBoy Theatre

Fanboy Theatre was created by FanBoy Will back in early 2003. Amazed by the talents of amateur Fan Filmmakers, and the surprising lack of Fan Film based websites at that time, Will decided to start his very own website dedicated to the Fan Film community. FanBoy Will uses his website to spread the word on all the latest and greatest in the world of Fan Films. Will also co-hosts The Fan Film Podcast(

Fan Film Follies

Fan Film Follies simply has one of the the best Fan Film Coverage on the Web! Coverage includes fan film video previews, news, podcasts and reviews. Fan films are independent films, often based on existing comic books, movies and popular characters. They also support independent films in the genres of superheroes, science fiction, adventure, horror, and anything that encompasses a fantasy element.

Internet Video Magazine

Internet Video Magazine is the only online publication that spotlights the best videos and Internet films and movies on the net, as well as great web sites. They also provide a comprehensive resource for consumers and professionals who want to create and post their own internet video productions. This includes reviews of new equipment, video editing systems, computer and broadcasting solutions, software, etc.

Sci-Fi Movie Page

The Sci-Fi Movie Page is your ULTIMATE source for hundreds of reviews of both classic and more recent sci-fi movies,DVDs, articles, message boards, dozens of clips and trailers, downloadable scripts, upcoming movie previews and much much more!