In this section you may experience the videos submitted by our Sci-Fi Movie participants. Before submission, please make sure you have reviewed all the Rules and Requirements for participation. Also, remember to register as a free Reallusion member on our website. All entrants are encouraged to submit a "Teaser" and "Final Video". Below, we offer a quick description for both.

Teaser - Submit the preview of your video or sample project to get the early bird prizes (free iClone content ) - less than 30 seconds (suggested).

Final Video - For both Award Consideration & early bird prizes – Completed Sci-Fi video film - from 2 min to 10 min (suggested).


Early Bird Submissions

To encourage early submissions for Teasers previews or Final video entries, Reallusion has decided to promote a monthly lucky-draw contest.
This gives us a chance to showcase your entries here in the Sci-Fi Watch Section and on the websites of our Sci-Fi Fan Community. Also, please take note that your video entry should be published on this same page within a week after your submission. You may contact Reallusion Support if your video submission is not displayed during that week.

For a chance to win, just submit your Teaser or Final video before the end of each month below:

APRIL entry prize
MAY entry prize JUNE entry prize
Sci-Fi Car Base
Valued $ 59.95

The prize includes:

- iCar Body Shop


- SmallWStudio
Sci-Fi Texture Kit
Valued $ 58.00

The prize includes:

- Total Materials Vol.7 Science Fiction
- Total Materials Vol 11 Alien Organic


- Phil Browne
Sci-Fi Combat Motion
Valued $ 19.95

The prize includes:

- Kung-Fu Motion for Martial Art


- Saulsoto



Submission Type