1. Get iClone EX, STD, or PRO Edition

Download Total Sci-Fi Movie Kit
The Total Sci-Fi Movie Kit is a killer application that helps materialize your ideas with visual animated clips. iClone empowers users with advanced lighting effects such as; ambient, HDR, IBL and high quality rendering to help build outstanding outer space scenes. 3DXchange allows you to download any free 3D model directly from Google 3D-Warehouse for your sets and stage. You may also create custom robots or creatures with the bonus base model inside iClone.
Download iClone4 EX
Download 3DXchange4 Trial
Play to win Sci-Fi Movie Kit Bonus Pack

You may also consider iClone Avatar Builder to build your Sci-Fi or Alien characters in a few clicks.


2. Learn to create Sci-Fi Movie Elements

Video Title: How to create your B1 BATTLE DROID via CloneBone
Time: 05:49
Author: James C. Martin
Description: This tutorial introduces the powerful feature CloneBone and how it turn ant static objects into animated robot. You will also learn to use 3DXchange to download the required components to assemble your actor.
Video Title: How to Create a Super Girl using CloneCloth
Time: 08:05
Author: Althea Dubowec
Description: In this tutorial, you will know how to use CloneCloth to cut and paint the template map to design the costume for Super Girl. The Super Hero Kit and Fantasy Cloth system are also introduced in the video.
Video Title: How to Create an Avatar Actor using Skin Paint
Time: 07:49
Author: Reallusion
Description: Wanna create your own animated Avatar? Check this video out for the demo about skin paint on your character's head and body.
Video Title: How to bring Outer Space Atmosphere to your movie
Time: 05:26
Author: James C. Martin
Description: In this tutorial, you will learn how to use HDR lighting effects and glow map material effects to make your own Sci-Fi stage. In this case, you will know how to use the props from Google 3D Warehouse to make outer space scene.


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3. Collect Sci-Fi Movie Elements

4. Submit Your Video

Once your video is finalized, just upload your creation to YouTube.com and send us the URL link for your submission. Remember to title your movie with the initial description "iClone Sci-fi".