Qualifications & Requirements
To submit, all participants should register as a Reallusion member and submit the video via the Submission Form by midnight, Pacific time on 07/04/2010

•Participants must use iClone in the creation of their movie

– You don't have iClone? Then you may acquire a free iClone EX version here.

•Participants must fill out the Submission Form with their movie title, movie desciption, movie credits, contact information and URL link to their uploaded video on YouTube.com

•Entrants may submit up to (3) movies for award consideration

•Winners will be posted on the Sci-Fi Movie Competition's official forum page and notified through e-mail

Technical Requirements
•1 video link uploaded on YouTube.com

(Video size is not limited, but good YouTube video quality is encouraged. The video name title must begin with the text “iClone Sci-Fi”)

•Movie length: Minimum of 2 minutes ~ 10 minutes (longer videos are acceptable)

•Submitted videos MUST be about Science Fiction (please refer to the genre below)

•Submitted videos may incorporate footage from other video games or commercial clips for a media mash-up but the submission would need to have at least 40% iClone generated footage inside

•Video entries may be submitted in any language but they must have English voice dubs or subtitles for worldwide viewing and appreciation. Take note that this is an international competition

Suggested Genre for Submission
A Science Fiction theme is very broad, so we provide some suggested movie ideas below: (Entries do not necessarily have to be based on movies)

Drama / Aventure
Movie Tribute Media Mashup

Drama and Adventure are popular storytelling angles used to highlight performances in fictional films.

They are both efficient ways of generating interest in new and original stories .

Movie Tributes are usually done out of inspiration and allegiance to famous movies and genres.

This approach has the advantage of easy inspiration , ease of context and vast familiarity to your theme.

Media Mashup is an approach where you may edit video game footage or other footage, and incorporate it into an iClone virtual set.

This allows you to bring a wide range of media concepts into one packaged film.


Super Hero Spiderman, Superman, Batman, X-Men, ...
Robot Iron Man, Transformer, The Terminator, ...
Creatures Aliens, Critters, Predator, Dracs, Morlocks, etc...
Galactic Civilizations Star Wars, Star Trek, Dune, ID4, ...
Technology & Future 2001:Odyssey, The Matrix, Back to the Future, ...

Fantasy & Adventure LOTR, Indiana Jones, NeverEnding story, ...

Other Rules and Criteria
•Reallusion reserves the right to disqualify, without notification, submissions done in poor taste, including content that is: offensive, defamatory, indecent, or objectionable.

•At Reallusion's request, winners may be asked to provide additional contact information for purpose of prize delivery.

•Reallusion reserves the right to cancel this competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of its control or if the number of participants do not exceed the minimum number decided by Reallusion.

•Reallusion states that all winner announcements are final. Winners will not be chosen based on popularity votes or any other factors other than judgment from the judging panel.

•By submitting an entry, a participant automatically agrees and certifies that he/she has read and agrees to all the rules and requirements governing this particular event. By submitting, participants also grant Reallusion the permission to use their creative work in any future marketing event or promotion held by Reallusion.

•Reallusion would like to make clear that it does not profit from this event. The Sci-Fi Movie competition is done out of good faith and with the purpose of bringing communities and ideas together for the entertainment of all.